Sunset on Makalu मकालु (8481m)

From Sherpani Col Phedi - Barun Glacier Valley, Nepal

I had only seen the very top of Makalu from far away, five years ago when I visited the Everest Region. Looking to the eastern horizon it towered over the other high peaks - an elusive, giant orange pyramid. At 8481 meters it is not only the fifth tallest mountain in the world, but the outlier of some high places indeed, with Everest and Lhotse lying within 20 kilometers. Together they comprise three of the five tallest places on earth.

These images were taken from a place called Sherpani Col Phedi - “Phedi” meaning a resting place before the crossing of a high pass, or col. I had come here to get a closer look at Makalu’s massive southwest face, as well as to test my ability to climb to 20,000’ above sea level. I set out in the evening onto a ridge above camp in order to line things up and wait for the show. Mother nature didn’t disappoint.

Sunset on Makalu मकालु (8481m)


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