Sun setting behind Uli Biaho (6109m)

From the Baltoro Glacier - Karakoram Range, Pakistan

We spent a couple of extra days in Urdukas and not for any reason anyone could have hoped for. Danger from rockfall is often present in the big mountains, and on the day following this one we were jolted from our holiday quite violently when a boulder the size of a truck fell off the mountain and crashed through camp. It killed 3 of our porters and wounded 4 more.

I will never forget the courage our team displayed in helping everyone they could. It also touched me to witness that the basic human need to give and receive kindness and compassion outstrips any nationality or class or party or whatever type of social division we impose upon ourselves.

It was crystal clear to me in that moment. I hope I don't forget that as well.

Sun setting behind Uli Biaho (6109m)


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