Morning in Makalu Basecamp

Barun Glacier Valley, Nepal

Makalu at 8481 meters is the fifth tallest mountain in the world. Soaring above the Barun Glacier flowing by her southern flank, she is the outlier of high places indeed, with Everest and Lhotse lying within 20 kilometers up the glacier. Together they comprise three of the five tallest places on earth.

What to be said of Makalu Basecamp? It's a reasonably good place to land a helicopter close to 5000m. It's also a good place to observe Makalu's towering southwest face. It's not a good place for fresh produce or any sustenance beyond the most simple items. I learned that the hard way spending more than a week here and above subsisting on Ramen noodles and Glucose biscuits. When traveling this way one is advised to bring supplemental contingencies for protein and vitamins.

Morning in Makalu Basecamp


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