From Gore Camp - Baltoro Glacier, Pakistan

Capturing detail in the texture of ice and rock is the essence of mountain photography. I was deeply inspired by the work of Ansel Adams in his renditions of granite cliffs, and wanted to pay homage to him with the striations in these penitentes.

The play of wind and temperature reflected in their shapes appears in microcosm as to the forces that created these mountains. They follow a pattern of weathering, silent sentinels shifting with the ice and standing as witness to the perfection of the Baltoro.

Masherbrum stands at 7821 meters and is the 22nd tallest mountain in the world. It was labeled K1 from the first English surveys - the K being for Karakoram - Ancient Turkic for "Great Rock". The local name Masherbrum translates from Balti as "trigger mountain", a believed reference to the tilt of the summit block.

Masherbrum & Penitentes


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