Manaslu Himalaya from Samdo Ri

Nepal Himalaya

A day hike up the hill above the village of Samdo for perspective on Manaslu and her neighbors lying across the valley. This day found Ramesh Bahadur in fine form, running up and down the mountain, and the coinage of the term huin ko bag - "snow tiger" - for the kid is just gifted in the mountains.

We were north of the range here, and quite close to the border. The Budhi Gandaki descends to the left, which we have followed up, and will now be departing from to ascend the Larkya La, a 5000 meter pass through the mountains in the right center. Tucked away out of sight beneath the hill we are standing on is Samdo, a crossroads village for the many high passes nearby.

Manaslu Himalaya from Samdo Ri


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