Lenticular Cloud & Makalu (8481m)

Makalu Barun National Park, Nepal

Here it was - the big moment I'd been working myself up to - hitting that number in altitude, 6000 meters. Another level of scenery & another level of commitment. Getting up this high without paying extra peak fees in the Himalaya is a rare opportunity but in Makalu Barun National Park it is doable. So that became the 2nd objective for this trip, to hit that number.

A couple steps, stop to breathe. Repeat. Can see higher but feels almost impossible to get there. A couple steps, stop to breathe. Repeat. Dry snow under my feet, so dry that my boots are taking in no water. Relief. Holy crap look at that cap on Makalu. Stop. Breathe. Click. Gotta get a little higher. A couple steps, stop to breathe. Repeat. Came back down to a nice migraine and a big hug of relief from Purna. Done.

lenticular_makalu44caliteroF4 copy

Lenticular Cloud & Makalu (8481m)


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