Langtang Himalaya, Nepal - Ganesh Himalaya & Tibet on the Horizon

I found Phusang Danda after a bus ride gone to hell - leaving me on the other side of some cross country adjustments in order to make my way into Langtang Valley. I wandered through these parts the following morning and the view was too good for just a cursory look over and leave behind. Things looked like they might be even more interesting at sunset. Plus I was still feeling the aftershocks of motion sickness.

I spent the day sipping tea with a local kid at his little teahouse and wandering around, lining things up. Evening brought this little vista when everything in the sky started banging away. It really made for a fine day and re-established equilibrium. A salute to the spirit of Nepal and the freedom of individual trekking.

From Phusang Danda


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