From Concordia

A tip of the hat to Roland, our tour leader, for snapping me out of high altitude lethargy to grab this one. Roland operates The Mountain Company, a trekking and adventure travel company based out of England, and he was really the one person I felt good about taking my chances with in Pakistan.

With quite a few expeditions under his belt, and having "brought me in", his opinion on all things Himalayan is worth regarding. Thus his early morning observation of "nice light on K2 now Doug" momentarily pulled my fragmented mind back together and I grabbed a couple outside the tent before groveling back in for more liquid and sit down time.

Eight hours later I was squirting said liquid out of both ends as I crawled back down the Godwin-Austen, but the impetus to rise and seize a once in a lifetime morning I attribute to his leadership.  Glad to be along for the ride that day, and with one of the best at his craft.

Dawn on K2 (8611m)


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