Wind River Range, Wyoming USA

Admission - this photo was not taken in Asia - but in my home country of America, out in the Wind River Range of Wyoming. The Cirque was legendary to climbers in the early 90's & I had been here once before, shooting on a disposable camera that time. I took some of my earliest mountain photographs that morning. The guy in the photo developing store was pretty excited by them and the first time someone had ever looked at one of my photographs and felt something.

For my last couple of Himalayan trips I've begun to take a practice run out west. This pre-expedition serves as a technical run-through for the shoot to come immediately following in Asia, and an opportunity to get a head start on acclimatizing. Just as importantly these adventures are an opportunity to document a special place to me from back in the day, back when I was an early 90's mountain hippie.

The Cirque of the Towers


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